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Could you lose weight eating one 6 inch wheat subway sandwhich a day?

i would eat a piece of fruit and water for breakfast, and eat half of a 6 inch subway sub, for lunch and the other half for dinner with lots of water? could you lose weight this way or would the bread keep weight on? keeping in mind that i would be doing daily cardio...and light weights to tone..Could you lose weight eating one 6 inch wheat subway sandwhich a day?
That is not enough food, even if you are 4'10". Your body will go into starvation mode, and you will actually gain weight since your body will think it's being starved and store what you DO eat as fat, it will cling for dear life to anything you feed it.

I suggest you consult a weight-loss specialist like Weight Watchers who know much more about nutrition and weight loss than you appear to.

Eating so little is dangerous.
No you're not eating enough, use your ideal weight multiply by 10 that gives you how many calories you should eat a day. If you don't eat enough your body starts using it's muscle as fuel. Also to keep your body properly hydrated you need to drink half your body weight in oz of water. Example: If you weigh 100 pounds drink 50 Oz.

Hope it helpsCould you lose weight eating one 6 inch wheat subway sandwhich a day?
That is not a healthy diet to be following, you're not eating much. And studies show that people who eat a healthy breakfast tend to weigh 5 pounds less than those who don't.

If you want to get more fat burning then you need to eat smaller portions more frequently. frequent (but controlled) eating keeps your metabolism going throughout the day.
If you're working out, you will gain weight on this diet.

Your body needs fuel to function. It needs more fuel if you do more activity. Change your six inch to a footlong (a six inch for lunch and one for dinner) and you'll have a better shot at losing the weight.

FYI: I believe the 2 six inchers a day is the same thing Subway Jared lost his weight on.

EDIT: Rustoria's advice will kill you. No joke. Basic body function requires 1200 cals a day to maintain. 1000 cals a day is dangerous.
I suppose you can, but you also will gain it right back. Stop this kind of Diet, your body will be the looser in the long run.

If you like to keep a healthy weight eat 6 small healthy meals ,starting with breakfast,the most important one of the day. Eat a variety of Foods like fresh Fruits,Vegetable,whole Wheat or other non white Breads, Fish,Soy products, once or twice a meal with meat or chicken. Stay away from eating out and processed Food,which often contains to much saturated Fat, Sodium(Salt)Sugars and other Byproducts.Drink Water, unsweetened Juices, no Soft Drinks and Alcohol, Milk,Teas ,preferable herbal Teas, especially Green Tea,which helps you to detox your Body.

Keep on exercising and stay away from the Roller coaster of Weight Loosing through Diet.

Unless there is a medical reason you do not need to go on a Diet.

Your Body will thank you for that.

Stay healthy and active


Nurse from Seattle
Yes, deffinately. Providing you eat oatmeal for breakfast, fresh fruit for snack, and soup %26amp; salad for supper. On that Sub, don't have mayo or cheese. Drink water or diet soda. Do this for at least 2 weeks. You should lose maybe 5 to 10 lbs.
yes,I think that is a good plan.good luck
Oh my goodness you are going about this all wrong. First of all, I am sure that you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Believe it or not, this is true. You need more than fruit for breakfast! A foot long sub split between lunch and dinner should be fine. It would be better if you would add some veggies in though. I would suggest, however, adding in a mid morning and mid afternoon snack. Lowfat yogurt or lightly salted nuts would be a good choice. Exercise is very important, but food is too. They BOTH speed up your metabolism! Good luck!
The cardio will be neccesery for sure!

But you'll need Calcium to lose fat.

Calcium is a thing you need to lose fat or gain muscles.

You can gain Calcium by drinking Milk or yoghurt and such just look at the back of some products on the store.

Calcium is seriously needed!
Right on for your height. Skip the mayo, etc on the sandwich. Make sure you select whole wheat. I use mustard since it has near zero cals. Vinegar's fine too.

At your height, 1000 cal/day should be fine for healthy weight loss. Make sure your subs have a good mix of veges and at least the cheese for protein. Turkey, ham, chicken are best. Skip the tuna and fancier meats. Check the cal content sign.

Good luck.

edit: Whoops, not just one a day. You need 2!!!!

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