Friday, February 24, 2012

What would be as easy to follow as the subway diet?

So with me the key to a successful diet is a staple food. So the subway diet sounds perfect. I could buy a foot long and eat 6' for lunch and 6' for dinner maybe even a 6' for breakfast. that would land me around 1000 calories a day. with some healthy snacks it would be perfect, easy and surely effective. The problem is I don't like the idea of having so much of my diet being bread. If Im correct that turns to sugar and causes your insulin levels to go up making fat loss less than optimal. The problem to just pre making my own 300-400 calorie meals is its to difficult to know the nutritional information of the little meals I might make. I just need ideas for something I could make a staple for breakfast lunch and dinner that tast good and is easy to keep up with.... ThanksWhat would be as easy to follow as the subway diet?
1. The food is fun ... enjoy it!

2. The breakfast is a very important meal

3. Eat many different foods every day: the variety is the prescription for health

4. What food group would you prefer? Base your diet on carbohydrates

5. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal and a tasty snack!

6. Too much fat is not good for your health

7. Here is the snack! Eat regularly and choose many different snacks

8. To drink. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water

9. Take care of your teeth! Wash after every meal

10. Move! Make physical activity every day ...... I know all the ..; /

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