Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Losing weight at 12 is this a good plan?

Hello, my younger brother wants to lose weight he currently weighs at 149lb, he plans on eating cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch(they serve subway at his school) and some pudding for dinner and he plans on drinking lots of water and doing pushups for about 15 min. Is that a good plan for him? Can i make it better?Losing weight at 12 is this a good plan?
A plan that starts with talking to and includes your parents will work better. Also going to your doctor to get a base line - the beginning measurements and heart, organ looked at could be helpful. Nutritionists have guides for meals and foods can be shifted to fit mood, etc - so no one is bored.

A plan of activity and meals that meets your brothers goal is then started, and as the whole family is involved success should be reached. The more help and encouragement the better. You will have fewer temptations if family helps.

Good luck!
At his age he should be eating around 1500 to 2000 calories a day, I don't the food you mentioned would be enough. It is easier to lose weight when you are young than when you are an adult, but he should consult a doctor first.Losing weight at 12 is this a good plan?
He should be having a proper meal for dinner, like steamed carrots and broccoli, with some chicken or soup or something. I'm vegetarian, so i dont eat chicken, but he can have sugar free pudding or jello for dessert. also, make sure he's getting his vitamins!
yea add more protein, wheres the dinner?? you should have whole wheat and some meat in there for a healthy meal, pudding can be dessert and a good source of calcium :D

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