Friday, February 24, 2012

There is like no way I eat 2000 calories a day?

I am 13 years old and a girl that weighs 98 pounds and is 5 3 . today I had 2 prices of buttered toast for breakfast and a 6 in club sandwich from subway for lunch and another one for breakfast and I drank like 2 and a half bottles of 16 oz waters. Is this good enoughThere is like no way I eat 2000 calories a day?
Well, you're definitely not eating enough fruits/vegetables if that is your typical diet. And if you're eating enough would depend on if you're exercising. if you're playing any sports or go to any sort of physical activity outside of school (dancing, gymnastics, etc), then no, you're definitely not eating enough. With your subs, add some fruit or a salad, maybe some skim milk to drink. And you need more water, too. Aim for 64oz a day (8 cups).
haha what happened to dinner? Well bread actually has a lot of calories and i would say yo uare eating around like maybe 1500 calories. But I would recommend eating stuff with more nutrition vs amount of calories because a fat man can still be malnourished. Just make sure you get your daily vitamins and minerals (naturally) and the calories from that will be more than enough. Also you will feel more energetic and look better since better nutrition= better metabalism which means you can eat more and still look good. Also exercise who helpThere is like no way I eat 2000 calories a day?
it probably is...maybe you should have like a snack or something. i've actually been thinking the same thing because im 14 and in wellness i learned i was supposed to have 2100 calories a day...i doubt i eat that. my teacher actually said most kids around our age don't eat enough.
do you feel like passing out, if so eat some more.

based on what you said i don't think you need 2000 calories. a few more than you described probably wouldn't hurt though. add some fruit in there.

I use to eat around 4000 a day, back when exercising was literally all I did in a day.

So don't tell me you can't.

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