Friday, February 24, 2012

Is it healthy to eat a....SUBWAY?

i eat at subway EVERYDAY monday thru friday. My boss at work always pays for it regardless. Now the question is...

I always get a 6'inch wheat bread with turkey. i almost eat all the vegies there execpt for carrots, cilantro. and i dont ever get MAYO its so called lite mayo but i dont trust it so instead i get honey mustard, i dont toast it.

oh and i DO get chips even tho i shouldnt i know they have about 200 calories. and for the DRINK i only get HONEY ICED TEA

is all this healthy considering that i eat it everyday and aside from that lunch i eat cereal for breakfast. I ONLY eat twice a day, I deink a lot of water all day long everyday.

I am 5'7 and weight 180. PEOPLE tell me that im not over weight BUTTT i sure feel like it!!! The doctor told me too. He knows better rite!

well thats all for nowIs it healthy to eat a....SUBWAY?
I think you should be fine. Especially since you onle eat twice a day. And if everyone says that you're not over weight, then you're probably not. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. If I were you, I'd eat 3 healthy meals a day, but I guess you might not have time or just don't enjoy eating that much. Anyway, all that's important is that you feel good, look good, and get enough calories. If you meet all of that, then you're good. :)
Well...this subway sandwich is a lot better than many other foods out there. However, you are missing some nutrition from fruits and other veggies. You may need more lean meats as well. The turkey slices have a good amount of sodium. But at least you drink a lot of water. I think eating more smaller portions is a healthier choice.Is it healthy to eat a....SUBWAY?
in the subways in uk, you get a menu on with how many calories it is, the main part of the weight and calories on a 6 inch is the bread..

well chips are fattening and honey iced tea..on top of bread you are taking in a lot of carbs.
Subway is pretty healthy if you are careful about what you put on your sub and the flatbreads are really good too!
It is healthy to eat at Subway. Cut the chips out everyday.

The more you weight, it's hard on your Heart!

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