Friday, February 24, 2012

How much money to take to New York for 5-7 days for 2 people?

Things already paid for:



Empire state building tickets

Statue liberty tickets

Breakfast at hotel

Transport to/ from hotel/airport

Subway tickets

Im not looking to spash out on loads of clothes and shoes, i'm more touristy and want to see attractions and by tourist souveniers :)How much money to take to New York for 5-7 days for 2 people?
I suggest you fly into Laguardia Airport and stay at the Clarion hotel. It's right down the road from the airport and they offer a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and back. Then right down the road they offer a metro pass that you use for the bus and subway for the whole day. I think it was $5 maybe. The room was $80 a night. Get a package deal on hotel and air on cheaptickets, that's where we got ours and the quicker you book, the better price you get, don't wait till the last minute. I think our trip ended up being about $600 for 3 people for three days but it varies a lot depending on the # of nights, souveniers, etc. Also, at the Clarion hotel ask about the tour they offer. There is one guy that picks you up in a van with other hotel members and he takes you to EVERYTHING and has tickets to the attractions included in the low price. We went to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Ground Zero, China Town, Time Square, etc. He was very entertaining and descriptive and we couldnt have asked for a better tour. It was a lot better than those double decker bus tours that are all over the place. His tour was VERY awesome for the price. Too bad I can't remember it, but if you call Clarion they can help :).
Honestly you can never have enough money visiting NYC! But I would advice against coming with less than $300.00. When you come to NYC, you want to see the sights, eat at the restaurants and just be in that atmosphere. Just save as much money as possible and that way you can have a really good time!

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How much money to take to New York for 5-7 days for 2 people?
i think you can take 500$ is to much.

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$1,000 best to be safe spending money and money just in case of an emergency
as a previous poster said, bring at least $1000

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