Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When was the last time you had Subway?

I'm having Cold Cut Trio for breakfast now! :)When was the last time you had Subway?
Yesterday. I had a footlong pizza sub.
Probably about 5 years ago. That **** got too expensive/overpriced for what it is.When was the last time you had Subway?
Like february...
Week a go :)

we have a subway about a mile before you get to our school :)
About a year ago.
3 weeks agoo
for breakfast????? but about a month ago
Right now for dinner(: ^_^
Last week! :P
Few weeks ago
2 months ago.
Like a week ago.
about a week ago
About a year ago. I don't really like it.
a few months ago. I don't head to subway often.
A little under 2 months
today. it was my lunch.
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