Wednesday, February 29, 2012

If something dosen't kill ya only makes you stronger?

do you believe in this???? because i hear it from every where

wild at heart, csi:miami and from random people on the streets. i was sitting in subway having breakfast and this woman said it, so what do you thinkIf something dosen't kill ya only makes you stronger?
It does seem strange... but it's true.

If you develop the coping skills to get through anything, then they are already developed the next time you need them to go through something else. Chances are... it won't be any worse, right? If it is, you're that far ahead...

Consider people who have lost a child. What else could be worse? If they survive that, suddenly the "devastation" of losing a job or getting a divorce just doesn't seem as awful. You've already survived something horrific. Then your view, instead of being "OHMYGOD I lost my job!!!!" is "You know what? There's other jobs... I'll survive."

Maybe it's part strength... and part perspective. You've developed the coping skills... and gained perspective.
Yes,I believe it completely. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger is a concept that for every hard thing that you go through it makes the next thing easier and so on.If something dosen't kill ya only makes you stronger?
Yes, I do believe it. And you are right it is heard everywhere. It seems like ever since Angelina Jolie had it tattooed on her people have made it a "catch phrase"
unless its a woman dumping you for somebodiy else, then its true

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