Friday, February 24, 2012


I had a subway sandmich...footlong veggie delight...and i was soo hungry that i finished it all....then i had a spicy bean and cheese burito, then i had a scoop of chocolate ice cream, then i had starbucks coffee.

well that's my breakfast.

man, i'm

anyways, what did u have?WHAT DID U HAVE FOR BREAKFAST TODAY ???
I just had coffee for breakfast today.
The $1 sausage biscuit from McDonalds with a hash brown. It was great!WHAT DID U HAVE FOR BREAKFAST TODAY ???
Veggie Delight? GROSS!!!

I had some warmed up Chili Cheese Nachos Bell Grande. GROSS too!!!
I just had a bowl of Nutri-Grain庐, Iron Man's Food.

They should rename it as Nutri-Grain庐, The Iron Man %26amp; Woman's Food.
Ye Gods, that was your breakfast? Just reading it gave me indigestion. I had two scrambled eggs and one piece of toast
Whoa! That's a lot for breakfast.

I had black coffee and Oatmeal To-Go breakfast bar. I am out of Pop-Tarts until I go shopping in about 30 minutes.
I had a yogurt and that's all I'm starting to get hungry.
Ghost toasties
Nothing for breakfast, I just ate for the first time today and I had a 6" tuna on wheat (Subway) with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, olives, ranch dressing, and oregano. And I had a white choc. cookie :) And 5 of my husband's jalapeno chips.
Spumoni ice cream! I'm feeling under the weather, so didn't really want anything!
Just some cereal.
I skipped breakfast because I couldn't find a bowl at work. If there would have been a bowl I would have eaten oatmeal.
I didn't have any breakfast really, the first thing I ate today was a crossiant though.
A plain Lender's bagel with butter and grape jam along with about 4 cups of coffee

starbucks sounds good.

i just had cereal.
coffee and a piece of lemon cake.
I don't think I ate anything yet today --

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