Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Should I eat subway or hardee's for lunch...?

btw it's my only meal for the day (other than my yogurt breakfast)Should I eat subway or hardee's for lunch...?

I had Mushroom n Swiss the other day :)
Subway for sure. There is alot of variety, its about the healthiest lunch you can get for $5, and everything is so yummy! They're honey oat bread is to die for and contains 5g of fiber per 6inch. And the sweet onion sauce tastes great on everything.Should I eat subway or hardee's for lunch...?
I don't like both, as I prefer the healthy food, however, if I have to choose only one of those choices, I would go with the Subway.
Subway of course much healthier... but i gotta admit tia that hardees is tastier :P i love the super star and the curly fries yummy *snap* no a salad at subway will do :-S :P
Subway unless you want to die of heart disease and clogged arteries.
Subway although I prefer Quiznos but...those are the options I guess.

subway xD
subway mmm .
subway akeed
none! lets go to city center and have lunch together

its yummier than hardees.

just dont get the tuna sub. it sucks.

You should eat subway
Make yourself a sandwich. It'll be way better.
subway "eat fresh"

plus u get a 5 dollar foot long for only $5 and with a bag of chips

whats hardees? we dont have that here...

subway is awesome.
damn. now i am hungry lool

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