Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weight lost question. Please help me!?

Well I'm 14 and am going out for my freshman football team. I'm not fat or anything, and I'm farely strong. You can kinda see my six pack, BUT I have a little layer of fat over it. Maybe like half an inch. I also have pretty big thighs, and Im thinking if i lose that weight, I can be bale to get faster. I eat very healthy, have an apple for breakfast, subway for lunch I get meat and greens, no mayo or bacon or anything un healthy like that. And for dinner I suually eat something healthy, or I sometimes dont eat much, just fruit and yogurt, that only happens on the days I do weight training at my school, because I ate a big lunch and my stomach is hurting from the excersise. Any tips for me? Please, I really need to lose some fat before football season starts

Please and Thank you.Weight lost question. Please help me!?
You sound very fit and eat well, however have you ever counted caleries? you should eat 5-7 small meals a day. If you can go on line, or have a weight trainer help you decide how many caloiries you should eat a day,,according to your age , height,,if you take in more caloeies than you burn in a day, the extra calories turn to fat.Read labels, salad dreasing has tons of calories and high in carbs. Even some fruits manily cirtus is high in carbs, that turn to sugar and than fat, if not burned off thru the day. Than again if you dont eat enough youll lose your musscle tissue and thats NOT what you want to do.Drink a protien drink LOW in carbs and no more than 70 calories a drink. You can drink 2 a day.Also oatmeal is a great food ,no butter make with water, no sugar...perhaps a few frozen berries on top when microwaving it.Also try Egg whites in the am mix in some frozen spinich, a bit of salt.Dont eat after 7:oo pm or 3 hours before you go to sleep.also 12 raw salt...almonds is 1 serving high in protein will be a good snack. Watch dairy products, no cheese, or cottage cheese. The yourgurts are good, always lowfat , check for 50calorie ones. Oh yes have fun with protein drinks. Get chockolate or vanila. You can add 1 half a banana or a few frozzen berries to it, and water. drink!!! Put a little milk say 3/4 cup , ice cubes, it will be like a milkshake...Read up on calories and charbohidrates Please stay away from sports drinks and sodas even diet ones...high in calories and charbs. Go for bottled water, but not the flavored type! Just fresh bottled water. Hope this helps you, please do read up on calories and foods high in charbohidrates Ocean
maybe you should try eating 6 small meals a day and if your weight training your gonna need to eat complex carbs and lean protein

like lean chicken, fish, boiled eggs and carbs like whole wheat English muffinWeight lost question. Please help me!?
wow but U should either go swimming or run those are the best 2 ways to lose weight but your diet and football training are great U gon end up swolled as hell!

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