Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How was my diet today?

Here is my food log today, I am now trying to decide if i should go get a footlong subway ham sub, just mayo ham and cheese. Tell me if i can afford the calories

Breakfast: fiber one and banana

Lunch: Ham on wheat, yogurt, banana, apple

Dinner: 5 oz chicken breast

Dessert: Kids Cliff Organic Z bar.. chocolate brownie

Thanks!How was my diet today?
I have lost 30 pounds and you need to eat double what your eating. Your body will plateau you dont eat enough.
With what you have eaten, it's seems like you that you already had a full day. you shouldnt still be hungry.

But that wasn't your question. first, we need to add up the calories, soo...

Breakfast: Around...120 cals.

Lunch: Around...300 cals.

Dinner: Around 300 cals

Dessert: Around 500 cals.

soo that around 1220 cals. The sanwich would bring you up to around 1500 cals, if that if your goal.

Hope I helped(:How was my diet today?
Looks pretty good. You could probably use more veggies, though. I would say you could afford a vegetarian sandwich at subway. Just get all the veggies with mustard or olive oil and vinegar. It's way good.

I bet you could afford a ham and cheese if you wanted it, but nutrition-wise, veggie would be a better choice.

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