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Eating healthy is making me feel ill?

I'm trying to lose 40 lbs (over about a year, because I know it takes a while) so I have started eating much healthier. I usually have an apple or an orange for breakfast, a light subway sandwich for lunch, a salad or grilled chicken for dinner, and veggies for a snack. Since I have been doing this, I have been losing weight, but I've also been feeling shaky, tired, and dizzy a lot. What could this be?Eating healthy is making me feel ill?
Your body is just adjusting to the new is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you are taking in the right amount of calories (for losing weight, I'd say 1500-1800 but that all depends on your metabolism and daily functions).

If vegetarians start eating meat and fatty foods, they will get very sick and throw up, while people who eat McDonald's double cheeseburgers a few times a week could stomach anything. The same thing goes for people who eat bad suddenly switching to all veggies and lean meats. It is simply your body getting used to the new and different nutrients and foods, breaking them down and using them for energy. Just fight through it - you're definitely on the right track. Make sure you're drinking enough water, too. That helps with many things.


It has NOTHING to do with not getting the right nutrients - you're eating fruit and vegetables every day! The only thing I would change with your current diet is to add some carbs for breakfast - it is the foundation meal for your day, and just a piece of fruit may not be enough. Try adding some whole wheat (low/zero sugar) oatmeal/cereal and/or some whole grain toast with a light jam. Just make sure that for all your meals, you stay away from anything processed - or white - white bread, white pasta, etc. Stick to whole wheat/whole grain foods for more energy, fiber and protein and all around better carbs.

You should be getting at least 1/3 of your daily calories for breakfast - your body has been fasting for 7-8 hours while you were sleeping, and eating a larger breakfast will help you from feeling hungry the rest of the day. I would also add a glass of milk (organic is best) - good, slow absorbing protein.


Subway and Wendy's are good fast food restaurants if you're looking for health conscious menu items. At Subway, choose honey whole wheat or whole wheat bread, and lean meat subs (turkey, ham, roast beef, chicken) with little/no cheese and lots of veggies and light sauces. Skip the cookies and NEVER drink soda. As far as Wendy's goes, they have great chicken sandwiches (their spicy chicken is among my favorite, anywhere) and some nice salads and alternative sides to the dreaded french fries.
You are not getting the correct nutrients.

Take a multi-vitamin with lunch.

Eat some fruit and some Irish Oatmeal for breakfast.

For lunch eat your sandwich as well as some yogurt and granola.

For dinner eat a salad with chicken or rice with a lean meat, like fish.

Continue to eat your snacks of veggies.Eating healthy is making me feel ill?
at what time of the day do you get shaky, tired and dizzy?

breakfast is way too small. an apple or orange is only about 100 calories. you need protein and carbs or protein and fats in each meal.
Your carbohydrates are too low and you are approaching hypoglycemia. Eating like this is NOT healthy and here is why:

Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for the brain and the entire nervous system, as well as being the only fuel source for your red blood cells and kidneys.

Here is some info about why low carb diets are bad, as well as info about how to REALLY eat properly.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
Make sure that you are drinking enough juice and water. Take a daily vitamin (one of those multi vitamins) to make sure you are not deficient, and make sure that you are eating enough of the healthy food.

Even if there is nothing wrong with the food you are eating, you could still be starving yourself. If you are only eating one apple or orange for breakfast, that is not enough. Also make sure you are getting protein. Eggs are very good and healthy for protein.

A piece of fruit and a whole boiled egg would be better for breakfst than just a piece of fruit.

One time I was on a diet my hair actually started falling out because I was not getting the right nutrients. I started taking a multiple vitamin and it grew back. I did some research and I was probably not getting enough A and E.
this happens to me ALOT

heres what I do now (im a dieter)

1)eat a slimfast bar with fruit (the rich choc.brownie is amazing)

2)have lean proteing with lunch

3)try eating some almonds to keep your energy up

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