Friday, February 24, 2012

Eating Subway everyday?

I'm trying to lose weight and was wondering if eating a 6" Subway sandwich everyday for lunch.. is okay? I catch myself in the habit of always starving myself but now I understand that I'll just gain it all back anyway.

I usually have a 6" turkey breast on wheat, (which bread is best for a diet?) with lettuce, onion, pickles and lite mayo (I know mayo is fattening but I HAVE to have it on the sub).

I don't really have time for breakfast and I sleep through dinner sometimes..

How much weight will I lose within 3 months if I keep this up? (Please don't preach me on what I should and shouldn't do. I just want my questions answered)Eating Subway everyday?
Its not bad, but I would stick to making your own sandwiches if you want to lose weight. You can limit the things that are in there like only a couple of tablespoon os mayo light and no butter.

Best thing to lose weight though is to eat 3 meals, excercise and don't starve yourself. If you don't eat, your body thinks you're going hungry so clings on to its fat store and it makes it way harder t shift.

Good luck!
It should be fine as long as it fits in with you calorie limit. Wheat bread is best. With a 1200 calorie diet you'll prly lose 2-3 pounds a wk.Eating Subway everyday?
i think you will lose about 5 to 10 pounds if you don't exercise. i would eat the veggie sub no mayo!!! i was addicted to mayo but now use will lose alot!!!! GOOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You wont. You may get a big drop in weight at first. But then your body will level out and you won't lose any more weight, you may even gain again.
no, not really
subways are ok my sis did that diet and she lost a stone in 2 months

and wholegrain or wheat bread are the best for a diet because they contain alot of fibre....your brave anyway the last time i went in subway i was sick i found a maggot in my bread....i knew i shouldnt have gone in there in the first place i hate the smell but my sis persuaded me and now im never eating a subway again

hope that doesnt put you of your diet as long as you stick to you daily calorie allowace and you eat your 5 a day (fruit and veg) you should be fine

hope i helped

dee xxx
the average subway 6" sandwich has approximatley 400 calories. So you would total to 1200 per day if you eat there three times a day. Your daily required caloric intake depends on your age, size, gender and lifestyle. If you live a sedentary lifestyle like me, are in your twenties and are male, your caloric requirement is about 2500 per day to maintain the current weight you have. SO you are essentially reducing your calories by half if you are eating at subways three times a day. It is a great way to lose weight long term, not short term. To lose about 1 lbs of fat you need to burn 3500 calories, so in theory you would lose 1 pound in three days, unless you add chips and soda to your meals, then it gets a little complicated.

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