Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How can I stop eating so much!?

I eat like an animal! I'm 14 years old and @ normal weight but I eat wayy to much. For instance, today I ate:

2 pancakes for breakfast

during 3rd period a quesadilla, chips, and an oreo

during 4th period some chicken/ rice, a 6inch subway, chips, and like 5 tea cake cookies.

Im not eating anymore today! How can i control this eating?How can I stop eating so much!?
That doesn't seem too out of control to me for a 14 year old ... it's a lot for an older person , but many 14 years olds get away with that diet, if they're active. Rather than worrying about the quantity you eat, think about quality. Stay away from too much fatty food and candy; try to eat more fruit. Make sure your physically active.How can I stop eating so much!?
drink more water instead of eating. try to distract yourself so you don't think about food so much. Only eat when your tummy tells you that you are hungry.

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