Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm addictted to subway sandwiches.... yuck?

What is wrong with me, I hate subway... It sucks. There are so many other wonderful sandwich shops... I have been eating The BMT with mozzarella and sweet onion sauce on wheat bread for 4 days now... I eat half for breakfast and half for lunch.... What is your favorite place to eat? And what is in it?I'm addictted to subway sandwiches.... yuck?
I like Subway, but won't patronize it in NYC, only when I'm in places where chains are the only option.

I'm always exploring new places; I don't have a favorite. My taste in food is as eclectic as my taste in music--I love Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Italian, and Southern! But it's gotta be vegetarian. I don't trust meat cooked by someone else, even on those very, very, very rare occasions that I want it.
try quiznos, i like the cabo chicken and honey good mmmmm, i'm going now thanks :)

www.quiznos.comI'm addictted to subway sandwiches.... yuck?
wll i honestly dont think you'd eat anything you dont like for 4 days,so i think its just myself,i love a good whopper anyday.quiznos subs are excellent also
govinda's 3764 watseka avenue, culver city, ca karma-free food
My favorite thing to eat out is Sicilian Chicken at Pasta House!
Roasted turky sandwhich with mozarella cheese at Schlotskey's (sp?)
My favorite place for lunch is the Mexican Market around the corner. They make the best Carnitas, Tacos and Empenadas anywhere!!!

Here in Illinois we have Jimmy Johns sandwiches, and they DELIVER!!! Way better than Subway!

Quiznos are good too...

Schlotzky's are ok...but I'm not too fond of them.

Panera makes good sandwiches as well!!! Yummy!!

Corner Bakery is excelent, although a bit pricey.
I like subways chipolte steak sandwhich. : )

Yay subway.
I used to eat subways all the time and order the same meal that when i used to go in the shop they'd know exactly what i wanted a number 3 turkey sandwich on sour doe bread with everything on it.
they may have sprinkled a little crack on ur sub. i'd go get a drug test immediately!
Gosh I know. I love Subway. I just ate there for lunch today. I always get the cold cut combo on wheat with American cheese with green peppers TOASTED.
Nori Japan! That terrioky chicken with refried rice and egg role!!! YUUUUUMMMMY!!!
crazy! i'm addicted to subway as well...i eat there everyday for's right down the street from where i work so it's convinent and favorite it the chicken teriaky and sweet onion sauce on weat bread toasted!
LOL! hey, there's nothing wrong with that! I like Subway too, but my girl isn't that thrilled with it. we do like Penn Station, though. you have any of those near you? great subs, and home made fries.

our favorite place, though, is a little bitty Mexican restaurant a couple miles from our house called El Maguey's. good food, reasonable prices. we eat there at least once a week...sometimes twice!
Now wait a minute here!!!!!!!!!!That sweet onion sauce IS addictive!!!!!!!!!Anyone here try that new steak sub? How is it? Try the parmesan bread. It's great!
What's wrong with Subway? I like it, but can never get my girlfriend to go.

But really, shouldn't this be in the food category?

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