Friday, February 24, 2012

Did I ate to much for breakfast?

Im 17 weight 117 pounds and I'm 5'5

I ate half of a subway chocolate cookie,1 coconut roll,and silk milk

For dinner my mom is making homemade chicken soupDid I ate to much for breakfast?
First...Did I EAT too much for breakfast?

No, it may not be healthy but the quantity is fine.
You didn't eat too much, it's just not very healthy and probably made you hungry faster.

You need to start eating a more healthy breakfast, such as some sort of whole grain and some fiber-rich and full of protein meal.

If you start your days off with a sugary breakfast, you'll find yourself being hungry shortly after. Sugar messes with you blood sugar and you'd probably come down on a sugar crash too.Did I ate to much for breakfast?
it's not good it's junk ,,but the amount to be honest is still not much ,, i mean i won't get full from these stuff

so next time be smart ,,and choose healthy choises

and btw ,, chicken soup for dinner !!!!!!!! you really eat too little !!
No.... But where's the protein? You shouldn't eat so much sugar in the morning. Eat some eggs and some sort of whole grain.
focus less on diet and more on grammar

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