Friday, February 24, 2012

What are the worst and best fast food restaurants?

in terms of food, service, cleanliness, etc

I'm going to go with McDonald's. I like their food sometimes, but they don't have much variety at all and just thinking about that place makes me feel fat. All the ones I've been in the service is bad. They tell you to give back all the ketchup and napkins you don't use. GROSS! The snack wraps, breakfast burritos, and McCafes are nasty. and the bathrooms have poop smeared all over.

as for Best, Carl's Jr, Subway and Jack in the Box.What are the worst and best fast food restaurants?
worst = some McDonald's are gross,especially the bathrooms but I contribute that to the kids that eat there mostly...

The Burger King in my area is also a bad one;food is always cold or old,service is sucky and the people who work there do not want to be there,obviously...and the bathrooms aren't even useable half the time..

best =

Steak n Shake...fresh food and great service;clean RR's

Wendy's.....tasty foods; good service (except at drive thru) %26amp; clean RR's

I know alot of people hate on Burger King, but it is my fave. The one near us is super clean, the people are friendly, and I always get my burger "my way". I like the $1 menu, and I think their flame broiled patties are good, for a fast food burger. On a side note their fries suck, so I never get them .

Worst fast food place to me is McDonald's. Everything leaves a film in your mouth after you eat it. Even most of their salads.What are the worst and best fast food restaurants?
well all fast food is generally the same, just tastes a bit different.

Myself i like an Italian restaurant and get a nice plate full of Chicken Skara's (give it a try you'll like)




Burger King


Jack in the Box
I beg to differ - no McDonald's I have ever been to has asked me to give back any unused napkins or ketchup. The snack wraps are delicious. The bathrooms are pretty gross though.
Worst: McDonald's

Taco Bell

Burger King






Carl's Jr.

Best: Chick-fil-a





Panera Bread
all burger restaurants are pretty much gross especially mcdonalds. but as for good, subway and panera bread are the best
Best is White Castle and Arby's

worst are certain McDonalds that are really messy, not all of them, but some.

the worst is Mc Donald's and the best is Chipotle! mmmmm! I think im genna go there right now

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