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Will I lose weight if I eat only one subway a day?

Ok so I'm not into eating disorders or anything i just need to lose wight cause I'm going on holidays and i wanna look good in my bikini

I'm a girl and I'm 15 years old and i like subway and i always eat subway about 4pm and it makes me full and i'm not even that hungry in the morning so i don't eat breakfast.

will i be able to lose weight if i eat one subway a day which is low fat and it's Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki and diet coke? I also run after school so i'd be running about 30 mins a day

and doing a bit exercise for 15 mins.

Will i be able to lose weight in 2 weeks and how much about will i lose?

thank you!Will I lose weight if I eat only one subway a day?
(Snicker) Diet's still empty calories. If you are trying to lose weight/eat healthier adding a Diet coke to a subway meal is a joke. Moderation is the key. For healthier eaters, a coke should be a treat, not the drink for your meal.

Also, by not eating breakfast your doing even more harm. Skipping meals doesn't cause weight loss. Here's what it does: By skipping meals, your body says, "Hey, my fuel is low, I'm not getting any more in so I'm gonna take this fat and burn it. (9 kcal vs 4 kcal for carbs) After a while it's like "Hmmm, this fat content is getting low, wait there's some muscle tissue, lets eat that."

Everyone has a layer of fat between the skin layer and the underlying muscles/organs, etc. You need that fat for cusion and protection.

Diet is simply what a person eats and drinks. It could be very healthy or ver bad. It's what your put in your pie hole, moderation, and exercise.

Sweet Onion Teriyaki is my favorite and I like Subway a lot too. You can save money and time by making your own at home.
you should lose weight. how much i don't know.

but a suggestion. if you can drink something else for the next two weeks other than a carbonated beverage your stomach could look flatter.

i quit drinking sodas and i still weight the same but my stomach is way flatter because the diet cokes were causing me to bloat.

but maybe if you are just drinking one a day then maybe it won't even be a problem.Will I lose weight if I eat only one subway a day?
You won't lose the ideal amount of weight, and it's pretty unhealthy. If it's working for you, go for it. If you only wanted to eat once a day, eat only breakfast- it kicks off the day and your metabolism will be higher just naturally. Ideally, eat 6 small meals a day.
You'd get better weight loss results if you ate more smaller meals throughout the day. One meal a day is a great way to slow your metabolism which will make it harder to lose weight.
Exercise is great, and you should do it, but don't ever force yourself to eat any less than three meals a day. If you eat three meals a day, 1) you're less hungry if you portion them correctly, and 2) it raises your metabolism, which increases your calorie burn count any time you work out, walk, ride a bike, or simply play a sport.

Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day, i.e, toast, scrambled eggs and bacon, and it should include some fruit, like an apple, orange, etc.

Through out the day during your three meals if you get very hungry, snack on something healthy as in mixed nuts, or granola, or even pretzels/crackers with peanut butter.

The more you eat (healthy of course) slowly through out the day, the more you lose.
No it won't. Your body will go into starvation mode as you don't eat much. So basically your body will take in as many callories as possible, so if anything you will gain weight rather than lose it. Running is good to burn calories, so you need to burn off more calories than you do ingest. That means a lot of work if you eat subway and coke. The best thing to do is eat 6 small meals of about 200-300 calories each throughout the day. So six small meals and the exercise you do will make you lose weight healthily. 2lbs a week is healthy, any more than that and you will go into starvation mode and put ON weight.

Good luck :)

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