Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eating question?

i ate 2 pieces of toast with butter and cinnamon for breakfast, subway for lunch, raisins for a snack, and i'll eat just whatever my family makes for dinner. is that a good diet to stick to?Eating question?
To loss the weight i think this option and its work for me:

eat more fruit

drink fresh juice

get detoxification

no junk food

no milk

no yogurt

no soda

drink natural water

sport (like exercise, running, walking, aerobic, swimming)

eat more salad

good sleep

the example eat menu :


Always same: juice presses fresh, as much as desirable, up to 14 ounce; fresh succulence as much as desirable, or salad fruit; when do you very hungry. When not make difficult, sometimes fun replaced fruit every day that eaten at morning


Fresh fruit juice, or carrot juice, 4 - 8 ounce, when does desirable. Salad with fresh vegetable addition desirable and combination sandwich with cucumber or celery.


Fresh vegetable cocktail juice, soup cream cauliflower. Potato boat or simple grilled chicken. Garlic flavor string bean. Salad green French.

I read this menu from this blog. In this blog have an articles for main program, program, healthy lifestyle, many tips and more useful links for loss your weight. And have VIDEO ARCHIVES, its very help.
Try adding some protein for breakfast, egg whites are a good source. You also need more green vegetables. Add a salad to lunch and a full plate of vegetables plus protein (fish, lean turkey, chicken) for dinner.Eating question?
its good if you dont have many options. for subway, stick to mozerella or swiss cheese. and no mayo. with extra veggies. also eating nuts is very good with you, so combine that with the raisins. there loaded with protein
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