Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breakfast, Subway or Mickey D's.?

McDonald's yum, yum but more calories, Subway, healthier, but slower service, twice the money and they can't afford a toaster for my whole wheat english muffin. It taste like a microwave.,Breakfast, Subway or Mickey D's.?
I know Subway is healthier, but I would go with McDonald's. There's just something about delicious food...
SUBWAY!Breakfast, Subway or Mickey D's.?
mcdonalds is just so delicious. screw the calories for one day, nothing beats mcdonalds breakfast! even if you usually feel like crap after its so worth it!
It depends on your stomach and health. If you can handle McDonald's for breakfast without wanting to fall asleep or get sick every day or without health problems then go for the taste. If you worry about keeping something decent for you down or health go with Subway.
Subway sucks, Mickey D's all the way. Who cares if they say its unhealthy, I know a lot of fat people who eat at Subway, whereas I am not fat and I eat McDonalds.
i prefer breakfast with mcdonalds and if you're worried about calories, just get their salad.
I like McDonald's better. it's waaay cheaper too!
Overpriced yet somewhat healthier breakfast from Subway or salty yet yummy cheap food from Mickey D's? My Subway has a toaster oven and the breakfast sandwiches were very good! I'll go with Subway.
Subway @@
I would prefer Subway.

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