Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Does the Subway Diet really work?

LIke most people, i fell into the "subway diet" craze.

I've been eating subway for breakfast, lunch and dinner and i've gotten no results. Has anyone actually tried it and started shedding pounds like Jared?Does the Subway Diet really work?
You have to eat the lowest-fat sandwich they sell. Ask them.

And you have to do daily aerobics and weightlifting to keep the metabolism up. Jarad did not JUST EAT all that weight off.
lol it is all how they present, they are low calorie compared to burger king, dq, pizza hut etc but they are higher in calories or equal to what you could do on your own at home, good luckDoes the Subway Diet really work?
all what u are eating is fatning so i would have to say no
Any diet that entails cutting calories and increasing exercise is going to work. I like subway but when I add on extra meat and mayo and try to eat a foot long by myself, the "subway" diet of course is not going to work.
you have to order the sandwich without condiments or cheese also you need to add some type of exercise like fast walk or jogging for that diet to work....good luck...p.s. increase your exercise a little at a time....:)
It works for subway. I hear they're the number one franchise.
Ok, first off Jared walked a mile and a half to and from subway, that helps a lot. Secondly, you have to eat a specific sub type with certain things or it'll do no good..

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