Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Has anyone had breakfast at Subway ?

Is it good for the price ?

Is it crappy for the price?

Would you get it again?Has anyone had breakfast at Subway ?
I normally don't eat fast food, but my husband brought home one of the breakfast subs. It was incredible. Well worth the price.
No, no one has had breakfast at Subway. They've had tihs gigantic advertising campaign, and the answer is, no one went, everyone was sleeping.Has anyone had breakfast at Subway ?
no it is not good for the price

yes it is crappy for the price

i had a piece of hair in my sausage

no i will not go again
no way subway is so gross now

just the herb n cheese bread n swiss cheese is ok i guess
I have had it once. VERY Disapointed. Felt like it was a rip off for the price
I never had my breakfast at a Subway.
It sucks
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