Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do you like eating non-breakfast foods for breakfast?

I always end up having ice cream or a piece of cake or a Subway sandwich for breakfast...then at night I'll wanna have a bowl of cereal lol.Do you like eating non-breakfast foods for breakfast?
yes! cold pizza, chinese food, cake etc.

my friends think i am disgusting but i dont see why you have to eat breakfast food in the mornings!
Does cold pizza from the night before count as a non-breakfast food? ^_^.Do you like eating non-breakfast foods for breakfast?
i had peanut butter ice cream for breakfast this morning and it was awesome!
I dont eat breakfast :P lol
Sure, I had tuna for breakfast yesterday.

The best is eating breakfast food for dinner.
yes totally i love it and cereal at night is nice as well ::)
yep... i dont eat grains or dairy so its non-breakfast food urrday
I've never liked breakfast foods.. I'd rather eat a slice of pizza then have a piece of toast. I never go to fast food restaurants until they start serving lunch.
I just had corn, haha.
Yes my favourite being left over Indian curry....
I had stale bread with no butter for my breakfast this morning. Do I win?
omg! YES!!!!!! i didnt know anyone else did that!!!!

i am dead freaking serious!

Finally! someone who understands the meaning of life!
Sometime like i'll have pizza for breakfast and then at night I would have cereal or eggs and bacon
Food continuing the filter of sketchy, pervy or overly
Nothing better than left over, cold pizza for breaky. Mm. I always order the extra large.
I'm the same way. I will usually have cereal at night, while my family eats dinner, and then for breakfast I will reheat whatever my family had for dinner the night befor while they eat cereal. lol, I thought I was the only one.
I just had a hot dog with kraut for Breakfast.......of Champions....:)
Eh...I like breakfast food, actually...Eggs, sausage, bacon, etc...

I just don't usually wake up early enough to get out the door for it at say, the drive-thru...*LOL*...

But, like others have said, and when I was in college, sometimes the pizza sitting in the fridge from last night was breakfast...*LOL*...
I do the same exact thing, except I don't have a bowl of cereal for dinner. I really just don't like breakfast foods, haha, so I always eat other things for breakfast.

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