Saturday, February 18, 2012

Does subway serve lunch menu in the morning?

Does anyone know? I love sub sandwich that they serve. But Can I get one in the morning as breakfast? I could not find it out in Subway's site. Thanks.Does subway serve lunch menu in the morning?
Most Subway restaurants don't open until 10am.

The Subways located inside Walmart stores sometimes open at 7 or 8 am (for my store the posted hours begin at 7am but usually nobody is there until after noon - ticks me off to no end!)

If you want Subway for breakfast your best bet would be to get your sub the day before (any mayo/mustard/etc. should be on the side so it doesn't make your sub soggy). Just refrigerate your sub until you are ready to eat it in the morning.
I think they don't open until 9 so you wont be able to get a subway sandwich until 9. Can i recomend getting that new chicken flat bread sandwhich which i just tried it this weekend and it was delicous!!! Hope this helped!Does subway serve lunch menu in the morning?
It depends on the locations, some serve breakfast and lunch starting at 5am inside convenience stores.
i worked at subway last year and they always have the same sandwiches all hours that they are open durin the day.
I think they open at 10 or 11am.
You could always call them to be sure.
Ours opens at 9am and yes they do.

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