Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have a subway question?

Ok so subway says they open at 7am. Will they serve a regular sandwich then, or just the breakfast menu? Id like to get a meatball sandwich and its almost 7am, and I cant seem to find this answer anywhere. thanksI have a subway question?
when your local restaurant opens the staff have to assemble what is ordered for those who are in line from when the door has opened -- they will be cooking the egg sandwiches of course but may also warm your other ordered items from the Menu posted.
yeah. its actually like their promo to get people to try their breakfast. they say to come for breakfast and pick up a $5 footlong for lunch while your their. go grab you a meatball sub my friend!I have a subway question?
It is their policy to provide the customer with their choice of sub from the minute they open until the minute they close. Meatballs have to be warmed-up, but it was my experience that this is done before the store opens. You might call ahead and make sure they have it ready for you. That would make sure it's hot and ready to go when you arrive.

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