Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is it okay to eat from subway and I'm on a diet ?

Is it okay if I eat a sandwich from subway for dinner. I didn't have lunch or a filling breakfast.

I'm planning on ordering a steak sub with cheese + lettuce + cucumbers + pickles + sauce.

Is it healthy?

I'm on a diet too.Is it okay to eat from subway and I'm on a diet ?
Its fine!Why need a diet?Your lovely the way you are.
aslong as it has vegetables and not any fatty stuff on it then yeah its ok.Is it okay to eat from subway and I'm on a diet ?
Subways are wonderful-but do this in a salad and get low cal dressing-

and make sure they are wearing gloves! if it doesn't look clean-get out of there!!
Try a Jared/ Under 6g of Fat sub:

- Turkey %26amp; ham

- Ham

- Turkey

- Roast beef

- Grilled chicken

- Chicken sweet onion terryaki

- Subway club (turkey/ ham/ roast beef)

- Vegetarian

Have on 9grain/ 9grain honey and oats bread, with cheese, fresh vegetable condiments (a variaty/ extra) with a lowfat sauce: mustard/ honey mustard/ sweet onion terryaki/ vinager/ salt %26amp; pepper.

Hope i'v helped, goodluck!
No, do not eat anything off the subway. The floors are filthy and you never know what disease would be on that sandwich you pick off the subway floor.
If your worried about calories, considering you haven't eaten much all day it should be fine. And in my opinion steak should be good as it is probably the least processed of the meats. But calorie wise in terms of daily calorie intake it should fine. In terms of health I find subway has too many additives, especially if you have a meat sub as they put a lot of preservatives in the meat. I'm not sure if subway use sulpher for preserving vegetables. But once in awhile it's ok, I just wouldn't eat it every day.
You don't really want to go for the steak sub. Veggie delite would be your most healthiest. Then there are the other healthy ones such as turkey, turkey %26amp; ham or just ham. If you order it with cheese, you're probably adding an extra 100 calories. Just don't have mayo and have it on whole wheat bread.
Go to subway website, im sure they have nutrition facts on there stuff.

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