Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Should i go to mdonald's for breakfast or subway for lunch?

you'd probably get a healthier meal at subwayShould i go to mdonald's for breakfast or subway for lunch?
subway for lunch it's much healthier then Mc D'sShould i go to mdonald's for breakfast or subway for lunch?
Eat an airpie! Got my two points. thanks
Neither. Why don't you try eating some real food?
do both both have good food
why dont you do what you like.
McDonald's...You only live once! Mmmm...cheese food product.
Subway. McBreakfast is icky.
Subway for lunch do doubt.
Eat cereal for breakfast and Subway for lunch. You will be healthier.
subway for lunch because you can skip breakfast but not lunch
Subway for lunch.

Mc's breakfast is kinda greasy--not a good way to start your morning unless you wanna feel like puking for another few hours.

But why asking this Q in singles and dating by the way?
This being a 'no brainer' (point feeder account) question?

Subway, for lunch, of course. . .
subway for lunch. subway is alot healthyer and you get more of a sandwhich. I always pick subways eat fresh
mc donald's 4 lunch
subway for lunch
Subway for lunch! It's a lot healthier for you than McDonalds. Just remember that McDonalds food is loaded with fat and dripping with grease
mcDs breakfast cannot be beat. screw subway, go get a sausage egg and cheese biscuit....

Ewwww...McDonald's...definitely Subway for lunch.
I suppose it would depend on how hungry you really are, and on just how long you're willing to wait. But in my own opinion. I would go to

Subway as the food there is considerably healthier for you.
Subway Allll the waaaaaay

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