Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Subway Diet with out veggies?


I am a big fan of subway and I"m willing to try the so called subway diet. But can I do it without Vegies? they make me sick .

How can i do the diet ? Whats for breakfast skin milk and cherrios ? Subway Diet with out veggies?
it will be very hard to do it without veggies..you need a lot of fruits and veggies in a good diet. i mean i think you will get tired of plain chicken breast or turkey sandwhiches
Dont do it. Jared is a hence!Subway Diet with out veggies?
i don't like veggies either, but subways just have a great taste to them, thats the only time i will have veggies is when i go to subway.

the subway diet doesnt work

you can lose weight without eating veggies, but youll never feel full.
that is going to be really expensive, why don't you just buy your own stuff at the store and make your own subway sandwiches?
You won't loose any weight by just eating bread and meat! Not healthy!
The Subway diet is mainly fresh vegetables inside a piece of bread with meat with no mayonaise or cheese. It wouldn't be considered a diet if there were no vegetables.

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