Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What are some healthy places to eat out for breakfast, lunch/dinner.?

im a teenager and i need to loose about 1.5 lb more and then maintain my weight.

is denny's, uncle bills, ihop a healthy breakfast place?

lunch/dinner is subway, chick-fli-a, arby's, applebees, macronni grill, olive garden, outback steakhouse, bread co/panera, san sai, Chinese food a healthy place to eat?

if you know of any healthy things i can order at a certain restaurant please let me know. thanksWhat are some healthy places to eat out for breakfast, lunch/dinner.?
Most restaurants have at least a few things that are somewhat healthy. If you want to eat healthier then just avoid getting fried foods, and choose a side dish other than french fries. Get a salad or vegetables instead. I know you can get apples instead of chips at Subway, and Chick-fil-A has a lot of different sides other than fries, like a fruit cup and chicken noodle soup. And also, if you have a Jason's Deli in your area that might be a good place. They have a lot of healthier and organic foods. They also have a huge salad bar.
Well, there are healthy and unhealthy things at every restaurant. For example, at McDonald's you could order an unhealthy Big Mac with a large fry and a Coke OR you could order a much healthier salad, yogurt parfait, and water. You have to be smart in how you order and I'm sure you can find something anywhere you end up going out to eat. I think McDonald's yogurt parfaits are delicious! If you like fruit and yogurt, I definitely reccommend it.

From your restaurant list, Subway would probably have the most options when it comes to selections. You can customize your own healthy sandwich and get some low-fat chips.

Before going out to eat, look up the restaurants website and look up nutrition inforamtion. Try to find something that looks good and would be a healthier choice based on the nutrition information provided.

A big thing, if you're looking to loose a few pounds, would be to stay away from soda/pop and foods/snacks high in fat and/or calories.

Good luck! =)What are some healthy places to eat out for breakfast, lunch/dinner.?
IHOP and Denny's are healthy restaurant wise.

Try Fresh Choice

Usually diners that aren't chains are healthier.
to eat at the house

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