Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is the best sandwhich at Subway?

Im not usually a big Subway fan, but can you guys recomend one sandwhich there thats really good? Also, can I get this sandwhich at breakfast time at a 24 hr subway if its a lunch sub?What is the best sandwhich at Subway?
Meatball Marinara and Chicken bacon ranch....
As far as I know, you can order SUbs at Subway all day long. As for which is the best, that depends entirely on your taste, and what you are there for.

If you are trying to attempt a diet like Jarad di, your best bet is to go with lean meat, like chicken breast, and the Terryaki sub has excellent flavor. I do not know which bread is healthiest, but there is a list on the counter, that breaks down calories for you.

When I go to Subway though, especially when I cannot make up my mind, my fall back sub is the cold cut combo, on Monterrey cheddar bread. Toppings are up to your taste, of course, but I get mayo, onions, and black olive, with the occasional venture to green pepper or cucumber. The great thing about the cold cut combo is that it is very filling, and even tastes good. because of the variety of cheese they offer ( american, provolone, pepper jack, cheddar ) and whether or not to get it toasted or heated, or with bacon or not, and the huge selection of toppings, there are endless varieties of each sandwich, so it could be awhile before you get bored.

Either way, try out a few. Th\ere is no law saying you can't shop around and find the one you like, and since every sub I've ever tried has usually been good, I'd say the odds of getting stuck with a dud are pretty slim.What is the best sandwhich at Subway?
Italian BMT on Italian herbs and cheese bread.

I put provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, black olives, banana peppers, pickles and southwest sauce on it. It sounds weird but it's soo good.

Or my second favorite is a chicken bacon %26amp; ranch on Italian bread. I get the cut up chicken with cheddar cheese and bacon with lettuce and ranch dressing.
cheese steak, (with your preferred cheese) Italian herbs and cheese bread, toasted, with the chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers. Try that. Delicious. Not sure about the breakfast part or the 24 hour part.
When i go to subway i eat the same thing. A turkey bacon on flatbread with lots of veggies. and salt and pepper oil and vinigar. i love subway, yum yum yumy, 5 dolla ... 5 dolla... 5 dolla foot lonnnng. :)
I get ham on Italian bread w/ lettuce, pickles Ect.

If you are like my brother then he don't like all that stuff. He usually gets the meatball marinara. I have to admit it's pretty good!
You can try subway melt, extra cheese and for the sauce, it is sweet onion. I added lettuce too because I'm not a great fan of veggies.
BLT. Bacon, Lettuce. Tomatoe. Then add on the other toppings you want.

I don't think they care what sandwich they sell at what time. Its a sell! Money to them.
Meatball marinara with American cheese toasted, chicken terryaki with onions toasted or chicken Bacon ranch toasted. All on Italian bread. Mmm! And yes. Now I want Subway!! Lol
You can get lunch subs durning breakfast. You just cant get breakfest during lunch despite the stuff being there. Go figure...
Grilled cheese phillysteak.
turkey sandwhich grilled with onions and cheese
Never tried subway...
Never been in a subways.
Spicy italian
Tuna Melt

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