Saturday, February 18, 2012

What should i order from subway?

Im about to get breakfast/lunch from subway,

anyone got any suggestions for me?What should i order from subway?
I like classic turkey on a white roll.

Whatever you get, make sure you get the "double meat" feature. they never seem to put enough meat on the sandwich- so make sure to get that!
A six-inch, meatball sub with extra shredded mozzo, lettuce, pickles and tomatoes!!!! MMMMMMMMMM.....YUMMY!!!!

(oh yeah, extra sauce too---if you can stand the mess!!!)What should i order from subway?
wat you want stupid!!!!!!!!!!!
Try the BMT....absolutely the best!
get an Italian on the herb bread toasted, with pickles,tomatoes and onions and banana peppers with mustard.
mmmm sweet onion chicken terryaki on hearty italian, toasted!
meatball sub on cheese bread with American cheese and black olives.
I love their plain chicken breast sub on the honey wheat with provolone cheese. I add lettuce and mayo. MMMmmm.
Subway club toasted. Any veggies you like! Time for lunch!!! LOL
Try the tuna sub, add bacon, then toast it. Then finish it with whatever veggies you like, but I do have to say that banana peppers are excellent on this sandwich.
you should get a subway club on Italian bread with mayo lettuce tomato and cucumbers with mustard and pepper jack cheese!!
Whatever you get, don't get it toasted! It ruins the soft nice bread!
meatball parm
The Italian sub with the meatballs and cheese.... and a little bit of salad. I dont know, but as far as take out food goes, Subway just doesnt satisfy me, perhaps if they served it with a side order of fries.
Italian Sub
Forget Subway way over priced get some Beerioo's
Tuna Sub or Seafood and crab. Yummy.. Maybe the pizza sub that is good too... Have a nice day!!!!
get the spicy italian on italian herbs and cheese, with swiss cheese, get it toasted, lettuce, onions, bell peppers, and vinegar, light honey mustard, and salt and pepper

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