Saturday, February 18, 2012

What will happen if I went on an all Subway diet?

this a joke, but what if I went through a Supersize Me diet but the opposite (nothing but subway for breakfast, lunch, and dinner)? for a monthWhat will happen if I went on an all Subway diet?
you'd get kind of poor

because subway is v expensive now

and it really all depends on what you order from there

if you smother your sub in sauces, you're not going to lose as much weight as not having any sauces
well it depends. Subway isnt bad for you, you get nice bread, good meats and lots of veggies, but if your trying to loose weight like jared did you should know that he didnt really loose weight from subway. He only eat subway once a day and his sub was just wheat bread with no meat or cheese and just lots of veggies and fat free dressing. on top of that he eat elsewhere for his other meals, and he was exersizing like crazy, i would say you could probably loose weight if you are used to eating lots of junk food and then switch to subway, their subs really are healthy most of them have less then 6 grams of fat per huge 6 in sub and at most fast food resteraunts the plain burger is about 50 grams of fat. I would say go for it, and now you know subway has very good pizza's, salads and soups! as well as baked chips!What will happen if I went on an all Subway diet?
I am on the subway diet right now. I am gaining weight because i get the footlong and eat it in one sitting. I also enjoy the southwest sauce which is very high in calories.

If you go for the healthier version of the sub you may lose weight, but you are gonna get bored fast.
It'd be good, as long as you ate a balanced diet of meat, veggies, cheese, and bread on your sub;

drank milk on the side to get that food group;

oh, and you would be missing the fruit food group. that is vitally important. you would have to either get fruit and eat it at ur house, or if u were hardcore, buy some OJ there and drink it.

P.S. it would get expensive, and u need to exercise thats the most important part, tard
There are three possible outcomes:

1) You will gain weight.

2) You will lose weight.

3) Your weight will remain the same.

I fail to understand why food from a Restaurant or Fast Food establishment is somehow worse for you than food you prepare and eat at home. Food is food.
Well, it would be a fairly balanced diet. Bread, meat, and veggies. Not much sugar that i can see. Pretty cheap if you just order the $5.00 footlongs. Try it for a week and see how you feel.
well, subways sandwiches are not under 200, theyre at least 500 calories. but you would get sick of subway and tempt for burger king or quiznos. lol,its ok, but make sure you eat only 2 a day.
It's probably be reasonably healthy. Be sure to load up on veggies, and don't overdo the red meats or overly-processed meats like salami and bologna.
that would be awesome! and you'd definitely lose weight depending on what you eat now. i kinda did that over the summer..i had subway 3-4x a week. it was goooood. $5 footlongs!!!
well if you order what regular people you'd gain weight but if you eat that other nasty **** they'd have you'd probably get sick everytime so i guess you'd lose weight lol
I dont think you will loose weight on subway! Just because it is not helthey! lol x
Somebody already did that. Havent you heard of Jered? He lost like 39482 pounds? His pants are famous?
youd probably get sick of subway. other than that, nothing. maybe loose weight.
You'd probably spend a lot of money. getting bored of their food for sure.
you won't lose pounds like Jared, you will just be giving SubMart alot of money
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