Saturday, February 18, 2012

Would eating subway screw up my diet?

I had some special k for breakfast an nothing for lunch yet but im craving subway for dinner, the 6" turkey breast(280 calories). Would eating this be bad on my diet? Also would I get bloated from the high amount of salt? Cause I get bloated pretty easily. Thanks!Would eating subway screw up my diet?
I don't think so. But make sure you drink water with it to help flush out that salt. Count the calories onto your diet. As long as you don't go over, you should be fine. Don't skip meals, that is the worst thing to do!
It's not actually that much calories, so I'd eat it if i were you.

Plus, you need to give into these cravings sometimes. If you're too harsh on yourself on a diet, you'll get tired of it and give up more easily. If you promise yourself a little treat once in a while, it'll be a lot easier to stick to it, and you'll still lose weight/keep fit or whatever your diet is for.

xxxxxxxxWould eating subway screw up my diet?
If youre on the Adkins diet, yes, it will affect it, if you're counting calories, then no. However, skipping that meal will do much more harm to your diet than eating two slices of pizza. When you skip meals, you slow down your metabolism, and burn less calories throughout your day.
No it wouldn't screw it up. Subway is actually good. Try to eat something lighter later on in the day. The key is to balance. For example you eat something with 300 calories later on eat something with i dunno 40-80 calories
If you add tons of cheese, bacon, and mayo then yes, it would screw up your diet. Don't order a cookie, or fattening chips, etc. And don't get a pop. Stick to tea or water. :)
No dont worry its not that many calories so go on treat urself, i doubt you will get bloated but if you do it will go away in a few hours so dont worry about it
Ansolutely not.
You're not eating enough in the first place. It's horrible to skip meals

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