Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can I eat this and still lose weight?

It's a Oporto's chicken burger.

Fat = 28.5g (5.4 saturated)

Energy = 625 calories

Protein = 51g

I calculated my daily allowance of calories -- around 2,000. And for fat, 80 grams or less. So this burger should be fine shouldn't it? It's only a bit more than a quarter of daily intake of calories and fat.

The only other things I eat in a day are weetbix for breakfast and Subway for dinner.

Any thoughts?Can I eat this and still lose weight?
Is that 625 calories total, or 625 calories from carbs?

If it is 625 calories just from carbs, then that burger has about 945 calories in it from the ingredients you described. That's a lot for a meal.

If it's 625 calories total, that's much better. I normally recommend 5-6 meals of 300-500 calories each per day.

However, If you can get that many calories from a more well-rounded meal, one that includes protein, carbs and fats from a variety of sources (like veggies!), that would be a better choice.
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I don't think it really matters how many calories and fat are in the burger you're about to eat. Stop eating so much processed and fast foods. Eat more fruits and vegetables, like stuff you actually buy at the store. See if that helps.
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