Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Have You Tried Subway Breakfast Meals Yet?

supposed to be half the calories of egg mcmuffinHave You Tried Subway Breakfast Meals Yet?
I work at subway and have tried there entire breakfast menu. Really, its not that hard to imagine; a lot of it is a rehash of things served at lunch/dinner. Same ham, same steak, same bacon, same green peppers, same onions, etc. The only thing different is the eggs, the egg whites, and sausage. Then u put it on either a 6 inch, a flatbread, or an english muffin. It is much healthier than mcdonalds and BK breakfast, but honestly it isnt nearly as good
nopeHave You Tried Subway Breakfast Meals Yet?
i have yet to try them. i didn't even know about them until about a month ago.
Nope, but subway is sure delicious!
nah subway blows
Nope not yet, what about you?
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