Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wendy's Breakfast or McDonald's breakfast?

I went to Wendy's today and it was breakfast hours. This was my first time ordering a breakfast meal because it came out a month ago. So I ordered the honey butter chicken biscuit combo with a medium drink and medium fried potatoes. The fried potatoes were SOOO good. They were very crispy and were cut into thin half moons. The potatoes were seasoned with black pepper too. I would choose the fried potatoes over the hash browns at McDonalds. The chicken biscuit was very good too. The chicken was very moist. I remember when I went to McDonalds and ordered the Southern Style Chicken biscuit. The chicken was so dry that I had to throw it out. The biscuit was sweet, but it wasn't too sweet that it made me want to puke. (very sweet foods make me want to vomit) So my question is would you prefer Wendy's breakfast or McDonald's breakfast? If you never tasted Wendy's breakfast before I definitely think you should try it. I am also aware that Subway has a breakfast menu too. I never tried it because all the items on the menu had egg in it.Wendy's Breakfast or McDonald's breakfast?
I'm going with wendy's and here's why i think Mcdonald's being an older and longer running fast food chain they are just going through the motions. as wendy's being formed by a man with passion such as dave and wendy taking over that they ensure the food they purchase and serve to us is of the utmost best products, as Mcdonald's is buying more bulk product for the lowest price. wendy's is proactive to th market as Mcdonald's is reactive. GO WENDY"S :)Wendy's Breakfast or McDonald's breakfast?
I usually don't buy breakfast from fastfood places. I have tried mcdonald's before- it was gross. I tried the egg mc muffin and breakfast burrito- the cheese in it is discusting (processed). I felt the grease most of the day after.

The only I really like about McD's is their new mc cafe- it's cheaper and not too bad in my opinion.
I'd go with McDonald's breakfast more variety!
Wendy's don't serve breakfast where I live, but McDonald's breakfast has always been my favorite.
McDonald's breakfast.
McDonald's Breakfast
i dont usually get fast food breakfast but i have only had McDonalds so... McDonalds
id prefer wendy's i love chips seasond in paper

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