Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why doesn't Subway restaurant serve sausage for breakfast?

They only have eggs, cheese, steak, bacon, ham, orange juice, and coffee.

Why only use bread, why not use pancake and waffle... make a pancake sandwich

http://www.subwayfreshbuzz.com/menu/brea鈥?/a>Why doesn't Subway restaurant serve sausage for breakfast?
Subway franchises have the option of serving a sausage breakfast sandwich and other baked goods. However, since the program is new and requires a lot of changes (new products, new hours, changes to shifts' responsibilities, etc), a lot of the franchises have chosen to just offer the core breakfast menu that is required nationally for now.

It's the same thing offering sandwiches on bagels, croissants, and so on, only that decision is made regionally, not at the individual store level.

I imagine more stores will decide to start offering some of the other options once they are more comfortable with the breakfast program.
Maybe they have not come up with the idea,Or they simply think that their business is great without breakfast sandwiches.

Hope I helped!Why doesn't Subway restaurant serve sausage for breakfast?
subway just started a breakfast line with coffee and an egg %26amp; cheese melt on an english muffin for $2.50 selected meats, pepperoni, turkey, pastrami, ham, etc, etc, etc,. In nyc selected Subways are Kosher friendly for the jewish community. This means they dont mixed cheese with meat because it is an unholy act of jewidsm and pork/ sausage is concidered to be un-kosher/ un-Holy meat to consume. Therefore certain subways(KOSHER Subways) cannot serve pork; (sausage, Ham, pepperoni, salami,etc) nor cheese.As or the other Subways (NORMAL Subways), they just started there line of breakfast this month. give it some time and they will catch on to the Fad of serving sausage like Dunkin Dounuts and McDonalds...
Because sausage isn't as healthy as the other options they serve.
Maybe they want to keep their menu healthy I guess
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