Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Best sandwich in the world?

I was once an M%26amp;S Prawn mayonaisse man. Then I couldn't get enough of the All Day Breakfast from Pret. Then I was always purchasing the Italian BMT from Subway. But it's had it's time! I need a new bite - where to people!?Best sandwich in the world?
I just made the greatest sandwich of all time yesterday but I am afraid it is so special that it would be very hard to get the ingredients. I apologize that this may tempt you and then there is some considerable work to achieve it but I cannot deny you from knowing the recipe at the same time. Here goes my friend: Real Turkey meat, Real Stuffing, Cranberry sauce, Mayonnaise, sliced tomato, salt and pepper, any bread of your choice ( I prefer toasted ). Best sandwich in the world.
Tuna MajoBest sandwich in the world?
Find a place that will make a quality Reuben (I go to Tommy's Joynt myself)
Big Boy hamburger...nothing like it !!!!!!
i like tesco cheese and onion a bit boaring but it tasts great
Bacon Lettuce and Tomato or Coronation Chicken delicious,
I love the chicken Caesar from Pret - Yummmmm!
The Rueben at The Carnegie Deli in Manhattan!

I haven't been there for years - but what a sandwich!!!
I love the new buffalo sauce on a crispy chicken sandwich.

you can add cheese, ranch...just about anything.

Most places can do this upon request!

Also, a personal favorite is a ham and cheese on white bread, with doritos inside..

oldie but a goodie
I had a good sandwich at Boots the other day, it was chicken and bacon on wheat bread. It was delicious.
Greggs really surprised me.

This sounds insane and slightly disgusting, but Tuna and Onion is so great I just can't resist it. Try subway where you can try anything you like in your sandwich, things you would normally be unable to buy in a packet.
homemade.thick krusty bread with butter, a layer of mature chedder, layer of honey roast turkey then a layer of walkers ready salted crisps.yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the maetball sandwich from subway, its soooo delicious.

or do homemade ones, like chicken salad with mayo, or tuna mayo and cheese toasties
Nicole Kidman and Emma Bunton - me in the middle.
Hot Pastrami on Whole wheat.
Wendys spicy chicken sandwich, tell em to drop it fresh!
Classic BLT,

As follows

Brown bread, nice fresh lettuce, some spread, nice fried bacon, ripe tomato's, and possibly some mayo. But don't eat this too often....for it will make u fat! lol

Crusty french bread with rindless brie, spring onions, Smoked pork sausage and sliced tomatoes.
turkey and swiss and mayonaise ... =0) yum
REUBEN... Corned Beef... Sauerkraut... Swiss... Marble Rye... PERFECTION.
Brie, lettuce and cranberry sauce in a baguette...
Ham, Pastrami and Motzarella, with Pickes and FRENCH'S (not french! ) Mustard and Mayo on Brown.

Any decent deli will do it.
There are a number of places where you can get a class A sandwich but to me the best one of all has to be the one you make yourself. You can put whatever you like into it and you have the assurance that there are no things in it that shouldn't be there, dirty fingers, hairs, etc etc.
Subway- steak and cheese, mayo sweetcorn and green peppers yummer yummer
Bacon %26amp; Egg.
My favourite sandwich at the mo is smoked salmon, cream cheese with Balsamic vinegar and sea salt crisps, its fantastic, but I also love a sausage sandwich with ketchup Yummy!!!!
crayfish and rocket from Pret
Im eating it now. Toasted cheese, ham, onions, tomato, lettuice, salad cream and english mustard (colemans). Lashings of salad cream and mustard, it makes your nasal passage sting but its worth it.
Get a SUBWAY sandwich stuffed with olives, jalapanos, tuna, turkey, cheese, lettuce, smoked chicken...

Or you could make one at home...

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