Monday, March 12, 2012

What to eat before a soccer game?

i had cereal for breakfast with a banana

lunch i had pizza and a small bag of pretzels

then as a snack i had some yogurt

what is good to eat before a game . .

i was thinking protein, tuna sandwich ?

last 2 times i ate it i felt very well the game, but i also had tons of pasta the night before.

i didn't get to eat pasta and carb load yesterday because i had a game too and i went to subway. the game is at 6 when should i eat too . .

now . .

= ]

thank youWhat to eat before a soccer game?
if the tuna helped.. eat that again

also i was told to eat yogurt, it wil help alot
Power BarWhat to eat before a soccer game?
I played soccer for 15 years and usually it was whole grain pasta and raw fruit before games. Mainly it's most important to drink lots of water directly before the game. Don't eat too much before hand, maybe have a meal 2 hours before.

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