Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What would you do if you woke up and found everybody on earth was gone?

Me, first I'd freak out, then I'd have breakfast at subway..and then wendy's. After that I'd have fun driving everybody's cars and crashing them into trees and other cars..Before getting tired and lazying at somebody's mansion(by their poolside specifically) and maybe taking a nap inside aswell. After that I'd masturbate while laying on a road, then i'd steal candy from a gas station and overdose on sugar %26amp; soda before riding on someone's horse or stealing someone's cute puupy to keep me company for the night..

The next day I'd cry for my mummy and wonder what the hell happened to everybody...

What about you guys?What would you do if you woke up and found everybody on earth was gone?
U are right, first i would freak out too, but then i would be traveling the world without any cash and have fun, only for while but then i am sure i will be bored to death since it is only me.
Arm myself against whatever caused everybody else to disappear.

Get to a secure location with its own generator and secure the entries

create a secure panic room and escape route.

stockpile canned food,bottled water, fuel

get a AIR COOLED VW beetle, good on gas, never overheats,easy to fix.

travel by single engine airplaneWhat would you do if you woke up and found everybody on earth was gone?
in the original twilight zone tv series (the black and whites form the 60's) burgess meredith (very famous actor--dead one now) played a librarian who only wanted ot be left alone so he could rad books.

the world came to and end and he was the only man left. as he stacked the books on the steps to read them, he tripped and broke his glasses and wasn't able to read any of them.

myself, with the family i have, i'd party hearty, my friend.
I would bow down and pray and pray. Then get busy building my dream home, since everything is free for the taking why not, and then I would get a nice rv and go exploring, but we know that would never really happen. But write it down little by little each day, and make a book, through a few survivors in there, anybody you want, someday your kids might read it.
scream my *** off and die in fear.

if for some reason, that didnt happen, id start playing online games all alone... no lifer eh? then id go and take everything ive ever wanted from malls :D

but im pretty sure id die of fear. or if it was a schoolday, id wonder why the bus didnt come and id start biking, not realising im the only human left. then id start praying and calling everyone on my phone....
First, I'd wake up and be like: HELLS TO THE YEAH - NO MORE IDIOTA.

Second, I'd have something to eat and probably do loads of stuff that I never had the chance to do.

Third, Masturbate and then kill myself - possibly at the same time.

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