Monday, March 12, 2012

Is what I ate today okay?

I'm trying to lose weight.

Breakfast: Fruit salad (papaya, melons and apples)

Lunch: Tuna salad (lettuce, red onions, cumcumber and tomatoes and a little bit of white vinegar added)

And for dinner I'm gonna have subway. Chicken teriyaki with lettuce, green pepper and black olives. Honey mustard for sauce and no cheese. And bottle of water to drink.

I'm going to the movies, is it okay to eat popcorn or not?Is what I ate today okay?
you have a healthy diet but I would suggest no butter maybe some water instead of soda aswell
Yea I'm awesome!鈾櫔鈾┾櫔鈾櫔鈾┾櫔鈾櫔鈾┾櫔- you know that song?Is what I ate today okay?
Its ok have a nice time tonight and enjoy the popcorn!!!!!!!
That's Ok and you can eat your popcorn, but no butter !

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