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What are healthier "on the go" foods I can eat?

I'm a college student and my diet (lately) has consisted of cheap, fast food stuff (i know! its soo bad). I normally eat 6x a day due to my sensitive stomach but I do drink alot of tea and coffee. I've been increasing my water intake and have been trying to drink more tea instead of coffee.

I have class in the evenings but go in about 1pm to study before I have lab and lecture. I'll eat oatmeal in the morning and either have subway or a starbucks breakfast sandwich for lunch and have taco bell (those value menu stuff) in the evening and at 9 or 10 have whatever's left over....

I was thinkin of just eating vietnamese sandwiches instead if it's you have any suggestions for cheap, healthy, "on the good" foods for me to eat?

(I've JUST started working out again...)What are healthier "on the go" foods I can eat?
Anything you make at home is going to be much healthier than eating at any restaurant - you know what you put in it.

On the go you need things that are easy to eat. Start by making a list of things you enjoy eating and categorize by snacks and meals. Snacks could be string cheese, baby carrots, sliced apple, yogurt with disposable spoon, oatmeal cookie (home made please), protein shake, etc.

You can also make and bring sandwiches. I love tuna with a little mayo and pickle relish and eat that with crackers, PB%26amp;J sandwiches, turkey and cheese, etc.

So, it takes a lot of preparation on your part but will be well worth it in the end. Congrats!
Fruit.What are healthier "on the go" foods I can eat?
Choose these choices when on- the- go:

Taco Bell: Fresco menu choices- fresco chicken/ beef/ steak/ bean burritos, and hard- soft tacos.

Starbucks: Light frappachinos, coffee with sweetener and skimmed- nonfat milk, herbal teas, skinny lates, oatmeal with dried fruit/ brown sugar and nonfat- skimmed milk, yoghurt parfaits, bran muffins.

Subway: "Under 6g of fat" subs

- Choose 9grain/ 9grain oats and honey bread

- Choose lowfat/ light sauces (honey mustard/ mustard, light mayonaise, sweet onion terryaki dressing, etc ..

- Choose a variaty of fresh vegetables

- Don't get "extra" cheese

Choose one of these sub's ..

Turkey %26amp; ham



Roast beef


Subway club

Grilled chicken

Sweet onion terryaki chicken

(They also offer salads, soups, baked chips, juices, and 1% milks, yoghurts and apples)

Pretzels, granola, nuts, whole fruits (such as apples, bananas, oranges, etc), wraps that you could make ahead of time and take with you (they hold up pretty well throughout the day), applesauce, etc. Check out the section of the grocery store where things are already preportioned and see what healthy options they may have there, too.
Well one thing that is easy and on the go is tuna actually. They sell it in on the go lunch kinda kits and it is better for you. You could buy some pre made salads. Also trail mix is healthy for you and it is suprisingly filling. Hmm....I hope this helps...?
Nuts are great proteins. Could carry a bag of almonds or walnuts. Don't suggest peanuts since they are more prone to mold and allergens. Also, those cheese sticks could be tossed in the purse. Boiled eggs another great protein snack. Sensitive stomach could be reduced by limiting coffee or by drinking alkaline water after having your coffee to balance your ph again to alkaline. Drinking alkaline water great for your body and would help with sensitive stomach, I'm betting. Kashi makes some really good whole grain bars too, easy to throw in your gym bag and go.
trail mix, cold tuna or chicken salad, 2 eggs, 1 tortilla with peanut butter almonds and a banana, canned beans. you can prepare them all beforehand and they contain protein and carbs.

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