Monday, March 12, 2012

How to get my body fat % below 10%?

i have 12.2 body fat % currently and i'm trying to get below 10%. I'm 17, 164 Lbs and 5"11

All I eat everyday is the following:


2 cups of honey nut cheerios

1 cup 2% milk

1 glass of orange juice


4 slices of pita bread

hummus (spelling?)

30 fl oz. of water (2 bottles)


1 peanut butter and jelly sandwichs on whole wheat bread.

1 serving of fruit

1 can of v8 juice (all my daily veg needs)


1 peanut butter and jelly sandwichs on whole wheat bread.

1 serving of fruit


2-3 days out of the week is subway (turkey)

16.9 fl oz (1bottle)

okay I drink maybe 4 bottles of water daily. sometimes more. and sometimes less.

I've gotten myself stuck on this "diet" for the past 2 months, but occasionaly eat a slice of pizza now and than.

I get my exersize i workout 3-5 times a week. and do basketball with friends at the YMCA for 2-3 hours at a time 2-3 times a week.

will this get me below 10% and roughy how long?How to get my body fat % below 10%?
Ok, well below 10% is hell... 10% is pretty much ideal for an athlete....below is bodybuilder...

Prior to a fracture in my vertebrae....

I was 6'2" 225 Lbs. and 9~11% fat....

First of all.... look at how much you take in.....

peanut butter....75% fat.....

you have two sandwiches.....

honey nut cheerios.....can you find a cereal with less sugar/calories?


let's see what else....

Orange juice in the morning, I forgot the exact statistic but a glass of orange juice every day make you gain like.... 10-20 pounds of fat in a alot of your exercise will go towards burning the OJ, the peanut butter, the honey-nut cheerios, etc.

And no, There is NO fun in reaching 10% fat..... it's a struggle....

Also, with all of your exercise, are you getting enough protein to rebuild muscles?

If you lose muscle, your bodyfat % is going to go up and you are going to lose tone and figure....

I think that covers it..... oh and just to be sure you have about 20 pounds of fat.....

there's not much to lose...4 pounds of fat away from 10%....

In my opinion, don't worry about it, but don't overdo it with certain foods.
your diet is about 70% carbohydrates and the majority of that comes from processed foods. I would be very surprised to see anyone successfully lose body fat with that diet with out losing a significant amount of muscle mass. basically your diet is horrible. it's low in quality proteins, low in high fiber carbs, low in veggies and low in healthy fats.How to get my body fat % below 10%?
The diet seems alright if you want to stay in the teens for body fat percentage. If you truly want to get below ten percent (and keep in mind that that is temporary), cut the carbs out as much as you can. (Don't cut completely, you just have to limit it). You need your body to burn as much of the fat instead of the glycogen stores that is being built up from the carbs. You're probably going to lose some muscle due to the low carbs, so try and supplement it with more protein. Unless you got some freaky genetics, you gotta cut the carbs out. Keep in mind though, as soon as you start putting carbs back in, you're probably gonna gain some of the fat back.

*** Keep in mind that staying below 10% is not a very healthy thing!
it wont really matter what food u eat, aws long as u dont eat much fatty foods. Just workout a lot. THe more you eat, the more you should work out.
cut out the pbnj try delli meat and loose the bread roll meat in lettuce insted also work out more or change rutine the body will get used to the same rutine so mix it up

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