Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Does anyone else hate margarine?

My daughter wanted subway for breakfast, we had to leave the house early and opted to have a rare breakfast out. I got an egg with tomatoes and ham on an english muffin. This foul yellow stuff, it must have been the stuff in the squeeze bottle she used to cook the eggs, came running out of the sandwich as soon as I picked it up. It soaked the paper, and just kept coming. I took one bite, and I tasted margarine. YUCK, oh man do I hate this stuff with a passion. I threw it away, this was an hour ago and I still taste the one bite!

So what is that taste in margarine? Is it natural occurring or is this some kind of attempt to imitate butter taste? I swear I can taste it in anything it's put it. Do any of you like it, or prefer it to butter? Who here refuses to eat anything it's in? Just curious?Does anyone else hate margarine?
oh you said it girl. it just taste funny, some where along the line of 'o lets imporove every thing' the true butter taste was pushed aside for the wanna be.

from an organic butter user :)
Margarine tastes like burnt plastic to me. I always use real butter or in a pinch I will use a cooking spray like Pam for scrambling eggs or a grilled cheese if I'm out of butter at the moment. I just stock up when they run butter on sale at the store %26amp; keep it in the freezer til I need some.Does anyone else hate margarine?
I don't hate it, but I generally don't care for the flavor. There are some baked goods where margarine is less temperamental than butter--then again, there are many others where nothing but butter will give exactly the result you want.
i certainly hate margarine i don't see the point of eating a disgusting thing like that anyone that eats that is either retarded or needs to get a life
The "foul yellow stuff" oozing out of your breakfast sandwich wasn't margarine.

Margarine is not a liquid. Most likely it was some sort of imitation butter flavored cooking oil.
Margarine is literally 1 chemical away from BEING plastic,so no wonder it tastes like it. I hate it. Butter is much better for you.
Margarine is good but butters is better!
It tastes the same as butter, to me.

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