Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How healthy is this diet?

For a sixteen year old girl who is 5'3" and weighs 113 pounds.

Breakfast: toast with butter.

Lunch: six inch turkey Subway sub.

Snack: oranges.

sun chips.

chips and salsa.

Supper: fish sticks.

I'm gonna guess there was around 1200-1300 calories in that.

Is that healthy or fattening?How healthy is this diet?
You really should be eating more D; Even if you don't exercise, you should be eating about 1500 calories everyday.

You also need more veggies in your diet.How healthy is this diet?
Seems pretty unbalanced. Not enough protein, vegetables and most likely those fish sticks were fried.
Well do you eat that everyday? Cause everyday would obviously be a bad thing and u need more variety. You may want to eat a bigger breakfast so you don't eat such a big lunch. You have some pretty good snacks though! I'd suggest 100 calerie packs if your trying to lose weight! They're really good. But u are healthy so don't worry :)
Eat veggies and add more fruits
all i really see in this is carbs. very few protein sources, not a lot of fruits and veggies, and unhealthy sources of fat.

it is better to eat 2500 calories of healthy foods than 1300 of foods like that, especially if you are an athlete.

even a few swaps could make all the difference. switch your carbs to whole grains, get rid of the butter for breakfast and add some fruit, an egg, and a glass of skim milk. if you must eat at subway you can keep the turkey but add a good amount of veggies, whole wheat bread, and try to avoid the oils and mayo. i would keep the oranges but replace the chips, sunchips, and salsa for raw nuts like almonds. for dinner i would suggest a lean protein (like fish, but not fish sticks, -think of those 4 oz sevings- serving of skinless boneless chicken, etc.) with a side of whole grain and veggies.

adding more balance would be the key but those are just a few examples.

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