Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I have a sugar addiction?

ya i cant stop eating those sour gummy worms. their so good, but there white sugar covered on them.

i also had a chocolate bar for breakfast

lunch- subway it had mayo on it

i had almonds

dinner i had pizza, but it was multigrain bread, with cheese oviously.

I will be having 2 glasses of milk

BTW IM ADDICTED TO SUGAR, i will eat junk food all day etc

Im 5 6 and i weigh 119I have a sugar addiction?
you don't have an addiction. you just have poor eating habits. Won't take to long for you to become 219 pounds.
It doesn't sound like an addiction as much as you're not satisfying your appetite. There are foods that curb your appetite and those that encourage it. There's a book written by Dr Philip McGraw, "The Ultimate Weight Lose Solution". He talks about why people eat like they do and has suggestions as to what to do about it. It's worth reading if your serious about wanting to fix your situation. What your consuming isn't giving you the proper fuel your cells need to perform as they should.I have a sugar addiction?
No one in this forum will be able to cure you of your 'addiction'. You must decide to avoid refined carbohydrates or 'sweets' on your own. You obviously know that consuming 'sugar' and eating 'junk food' is not healthy so you need to ask yourself why you continue to do so. Only you will be able to answer this question. And only you will be able to decide when to change your 'bad' habits. I wish you luck as well as the very best of health and in all things may God bless.
Your problem is? Your the same as the other 300 million Americans.

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