Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How healthy did I eat today?

I realize I didn't do ammmazing but I'm working on doing better little by little


apple cinnamon breakfast bar

maple cinamon oatmeal



half a subway sandwhich

cool ranch dorito



spaghetti nd meatballs


blue rasberry slushie

four Oreos


100 sit ups

bicycles with my legs for like 5 minutesHow healthy did I eat today?
it's somewhat healthy. it's good that you drink water with your meals. your breakfast was pretty healthy but tone down the sugar, and instead of water, drink juice. also it depends what your had on your subway sandwich, and doritos are SO unhealthy! also, spaghetti %26amp; meatballs can be unhealthy depending on the ingredients. fresh spaghetti %26amp; meatballs is ok.
I agree with Zainab good job keep up the good workHow healthy did I eat today?
i think u did a good job for ur first day

low fat food minimual snacks

its good ur trying to eat healthy

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