Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is this regiment sufficient for what I want?

I am 22 years old, male, and weigh 185 pounds. I have a little bit of pudge. I'm trying to lose fat and not lose muscle mass. I would prefer to gain muscle mass. Two years from now I want to weigh 205 but I know the likelyhood is small. Here is my regiment and please tell me what you think I could improve on.

In the mornings, I have a breakfast bar, a multi-vitamin, 3.0g L-glutamine, and a 32g muscle milk protein powder shake. I drink lots and lots of water everyday, all day. I SIT DOWN AT A COMPUTER MOST OF THE DAY.

I don't eat very much for lunch but I continue drinking water.

After work, I have a meal, lets say for example a 12" turkey subway sandwich. I take 3g L-glutamine and another 32g muscle milk protein shake. All this occurs an hour before work out.


After workout, I stretch and have another shake and even more water.

Is this a good regiment? Do you have any suggestions? Am I more likely to gain fat with this much protein? PLEASE RESPONDIs this regiment sufficient for what I want?
your goals are very attainable, but you seem to be lost on the diet thing.. like a few people already said, protein supplements are a good part of a diet strategy, but they should not replace whole food meals.. to start putting a good diet together, here is some tips that i have used to help keep me on track. as a guideline, take in 1 gram protein per pound of bodyweight.. 185 grams per day in your case.. and 2 grams carbs per pound per day.. about 350 to 400 grams per day. these are guideline #s for mass gain and may need to be adjusted after a week or so if you begin to add too much weight too quickly. if you are adding bad weight, reduce the carbs by abbout 50 grams per day. most of the crbs should be complex carbs.. oatmeal for breakfast, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, some pasta ( i like whole grain pasta).. include vegetables in your meals. they provide fiber and help keep your system regular while taking in higher amounts of protein.. continue to drink plenty of water.. my diet looks something like this.. when i first wake up, i have a protein shake. then about 1/2 hr later, i have plain oatmeal, with some honey and cinnamin in it for flavor, along with 6 egg whites, or egg beaters.. sometimes instead of eggs, i have low fat turkey sausage. for lunch, grilled chicken breast with brown rice and veggies, then i go to gym.. post workout is protein shake, creatine.. main dinner is chicken or steak or salmon, along with sweet potato, veggies. late meal is grilled chicken salad with some nuts and cranberries and apples for flavor, vinigarette dressing ( low fat) then i go to work and have 2 small meals while working. a shake before bed.. all together, i take in about 200 grams protein per day, 400 grams carbs, and my fat intake is about 50 grams, low saturated fats. the idea is to have smaller meals throughout the day to keep steady supply of nutrients coming in your body. if you want , feel free to email me if you wish to discuss this more...
i don't know much about the protien shake thing, but it sounds like you need to cut out the processed stuff and instead of drinking water in lieu of eating, eat 5 snacks a day. healthy stuff. veggies and lean protiens. what do you do to work out? do 30 + of cardio and the make sure you add weight training in. eating the snacks will keep your metabolism revved up all day.Is this regiment sufficient for what I want?
Yeah, first eat real food. Protein shakes should only be used as an add on for a healthy diet. They should never be used in place of a meal. Your body is better able to get nutrients out of whole foods than it is processed stuff. No real reason to take the glutamine right now either. What does your workout look like?

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