Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thyroid problem.. ? unable to lose weight?

I used to be 110 pounds for the last 10 yrs ( asian, 165cm) and i feel great /healthy. about 1 yrs ago I suddenly gained around 8 pounds in 1 month. I didnt pay much attention during that time but I seems unable to lose it . this yr I gained another 4 pounds. I've been on a few different diet, some are quite intensive like cabbage soup diet. on average.. I cut down on softdrink, fast food. I eat normally for breakfast. subway for lunch. dinner either salad with low fat dressing or a bit of meat with vege.

( I used to eat very unhealthy like fastfood for 2 meals, sweets, softdrink, chips etc but i never gain any weight over 110 pounds)

I read some thread here and noticed maybe this is the Thyroid problem. I do notice my neck is a bit swollen .

I went to see a GP today, he seems not so helpful.. he suggested for me to have a blood test but he cant give me any info after i looked at my neck.

I wonder will the blood test able to finalise the results?? and this is only step 1?

i am really worry as i am unable to lose 1 pound on the last 2 yrs no matter how hard I tried.

I used to be able to lose 1- 2 pounds if i control what i eat on the next 2 days after a big dinner.Thyroid problem.. ? unable to lose weight?
A doctor cannot tell if you have an under active thyroid just by looking at your neck. The blood test is the way to get the definitive answer. That will show the amount of thyroid hormone and thyroid stimulating hormone that your body is making.

Giving you meds to correct the problem (if that's what this is) is based on these blood test results.

Best wishes and hope you feel better soon.

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